Rich Kozick
Spring, 1997

EE 329: Homework 9

Date Assigned: Monday, April 7, 1997

  1. We will have Exam 2 on Friday, April 11. Please begin reviewing the material since the last exam, and ask questions in class on Wednesday.

  2. Please read the rest of Chapter 6, sections 6.6-6.12. We will not be able to discuss all of this in class, but we will discuss Section 6.7 on frequency-sampling filter design on Wednesday.

  3. For Lab 8, please design a suitable filter using the remez routine in Matlab (this is the "optimal" filter design method discussed in Section 6.6 of the text). Compare the performance and complexity of this filter with those that you designed using the window method. Consider the effects of allowing greater passband ripple with this design method. Which filter design method would you use if you were going to implement this filter in a system? Please evaluate the tradeoffs involved when answering this question.
Thank you.