Rich Kozick
January 24, 1997

EE 329: Laboratory 1
Introduction to Real-Time DSP Systems

Setting up your account

We will use the dSPACE units in Dana room 129 for real-time digital signal processing. Please set up your account as described at the dSPACE Lab Information Page . Please browse through some of the lab projects described on the dSPACE page.

DSP Systems with Simulink and C Programming

Set up a simple DSP system that contains only an ADC and a DAC. Follow the instructions at dSPACE Instructions to create a Simulink block diagram and execute it on a dSPACE box.

View the input and output signals on an oscilloscope. Demonstrate the sampling theorem using sine waves. Try transferring sampled data to the Suns using trace31, as described at dSPACE Instructions. Try sampling speech at various rates and listening to the results through a speaker.

Add a digital filter to the Simulink block diagram. First simulate the filter in Simulink, then do real-time, as described in the Design Projects paper at dSPACE Lab Information Page . Modify the digital filter in Simulink so that the filter changes in real-time, as described at dSPACE Instructions. Verify the filter operation by processing sine waves or other signals.

Download a C program to dSPACE. An example C program is provided at lab1.c. Run the program on a dSPACE box. Then modify the program in two ways: (1) output a value that is the average of the current and previous samples, and (2) output a value that is the difference between the current and previous samples. (These will be two separate programs.) Try processing sine waves, square waves, speech, or other signals. How would you describe the operation of these two programs?