Rich Kozick
Spring, 1997

EE 329: Laboratory 5
Computer Music

In this lab we will gain an understanding of digital filters that are used to generate the sound of plucked string instruments in computer music. We will also implement the filters in real-time, and if all goes well we will be able to play a musical scale or a song when we are finished. The notes that we will follow to learn about these filters is Chapter 6 in the book A DSP Primer, with Applications to Digital Audio and Computer Music by K. Steiglitz. These filters are interesting and will give us practice in working with Z transforms and discrete-time systems. In addition, they provide a nice illustration of how three very simple digital filters can be combined to create a very versatile tool for computer music.

  1. I would suggest that you first experiment with the plucked string instrument in Matlab. I will demonstrate some files that I created.

  2. Then for the real-time implementation, we can use Simulink or a C program. It may be necessary to write a C program if the Simulink program runs too slowly.

  3. More details will be provided during lab and during class next week. Please feel free to ask me any questions throughout this project. Do not allow your lack of experience with the dSPACE equipment or Matlab to hold you up -- just tell me what you'd like to do, and I'll help.

Thank you and have fun!!