Rich Kozick
Spring, 1997

EE 329: Laboratory 6
Correlation Processing of Acoustical Data

During the lab session, we recorded sampled data from two microphones separated by the following distances d:
Experiment 1: d = 17.4 inches
Experiment 2: d = 34.5 inches
Experiments 3a and 3b: d = 58 inches
Recall that the speed of sound in air is approximately 1150 feet/second. The sampling rate was 10,000 samples/second for each experiment. The C program and trace31 file used to generate the sounds and record the data are available at lab6.c and lab6.trc. The transmitted pulse was 5 cycles of a 500 Hz sine wave.

Your task is to analyze the recorded data from the two microphones in each experiment and estimate the separation between the microphones. Compare your estimates with the measured distances. Present your results in a written report that is due on Friday, March 28, 1997. Please include in your report a brief explanation of the experimental setup, and also explain the methods that you used to arrive at your results. Your report should be written in a self-contained manner, so that a reader can understand the experiment and your conclusions from your report.

The files containing the measured data are contained in the directory lab6. Also included in that directory is a Matlab script lab6.m that will read the data files into Matlab. You will need to download the following files to your account:

lab6.m, data1.001, data1.002, data2.001, data2.002, data3a.001, data3a.002, data3b.001, data3b.002.

Thank you.