ELEC 101: Electrical Engineering Analysis (Laboratories)
Bucknell University
Spring, 2001

Instructors and Office Hours:

The course will be co-taught by Professors Susan Baish and Rich Kozick. Professor Baish will teach the lectures and Professor Kozick will teach the labs.

Contact information for Professor Kozick:

Richard J. Kozick
Office: Room 220 Dana
Phone: (570) 577-1129
FAX: (570) 577-1822
Email: kozick@bucknell.edu
Web: http://www.eg.bucknell.edu/~kozick

Tentative office hour schedule for Spring, 2001 is Monday 9-10 AM, Tuesday 10-11 AM, Wednesday 1-2 PM.
Please contact me to arrange other times.
(Refer to the lab home page for the most up-to-date office hours)

Laboratory Kits:

Each student is required to purchase a laboratory kit. The kits are available in the bookstore at the counter in the "supplies" section.


Lab Home Page:

The home page for the ELEC 101 labs is located at the URL
It can also be accessed by following the link from my home page at

The lab home page contains the laboratory guidelines (this document) and the lab assignments. Links to lecture material may be added later.

Lab Grading:

Your lab grade will be based on attendance, active participation in the lab activities, and the completeness of your lab notebook. The laboratories will count for 30% of your overall grade in ELEC 101. Please refer to the course syllabus from Professor Baish for details about the overall course grading policies.

Laboratory attendance is mandatory. If you have a legitimate reason for not attending lab, please see the lab instructor as soon as possible for alternative arrangements. Please attend during your assigned lab time - one lab section has maximum capacity, so switching lab times will create problems.

Laboratory Guidelines: