ELEC 101, Spring 2001
Prof. Rich Kozick

Laboratory 9
Design and Construction of a Digital Stopwatch

We will continue our study of digital systems by designing and building a simple digital stopwatch. We will learn how some important integrated circuits (ICs) operate and how the ICs are connected together as subsystems to form a larger system. This project is intended to give you a "big picture" view of digital systems, after which we will concentrate more on fundamental principles of digital systems.

Notes will be distributed at the lab session with details about the stopwatch specification and design.

Please work alone or in groups of two or three to implement the stopwatch. I suggest that you do as much wiring as you can before your lab session on April 12. I would like all of you to demonstrate your system by the end of the lab session on April 12. Please be sure that you understand how all of the subsystems in the stopwatch work, and be sure that you understand the design process that we use.

Thank you and have fun!