ELEC 105, Spring 2004
Prof. Rich Kozick

Homework 10

Date Assigned: Monday, April 19, 2004
Date Due: Friday, April 23, 2004

  1. There are no more schedule changes for the rest of the semester, so we will meet for class on MWF 12-1 and for lab on W 3-5.

  2. Reading: In the Hambley text, please read the parts of Chapter 7 that we discuss in class.

  3. Lab: Please finish wiring your stopwatch circuit and bring it to lab on Wednesday.

  4. Please solve the following problems at the end of Chapter 7 in the Hambley text.
    Problem 7.20: Write the Boolean expression and the truth table for parts (a) and (b). You don't have to do part (c).

    Problems 7.30 and 7.31: Write the sum-of-products Boolean expression for outputs F and G in terms of inputs A, B, C. You don't have to do the product-of-sums expression.

  5. Please draw logic circuit diagrams to control segments "b" and "c" in the 7-segment display that we used in lab. (We will do segment "a" in class as an example.) The inputs to your circuit will be D, C, B, A, as in lab.
Thank you.