ELEC 105, Spring 2004
Prof. Rich Kozick

Homework 11

Date Assigned: Friday, April 23, 2004
Date Due: Friday, April 30, 2004

  1. Final Exam: The final exam will be on Friday, May 7 at 8:00 AM. The exam will be comprehensive, open book, and open notes. Please bring your lab notebook to the final exam.

  2. Lab Notebooks: Please submit your lab notebook at the conclusion of the final exam on Friday, May 7.

  3. Reading: In the Hambley text, please read parts of Chapter 10 on diodes and their applications. Also, please read the notes on transistors from the Horowitz and Hill book.

  4. Problem:

    The "envelope detector" circuit that we discussed for AM demodulation can also be used to demodulate FM (the FM signal must be passed through a differentiator first). What are reasonable values for R and C in the envelope detector circuit for FM? The FM carrier frequencies range from 87.9 MHz to 107.9 MHz, and the message signal in broadcast FM has frequencies up to 15 kHz (that is one reason why FM radio sounds better than AM!). Explain your reasoning.

Thank you.