ELEC 320
Prof. Rich Kozick
Fall, 1997

Homework 2

Date Assigned: Friday, August 29, 1997
Date Due: Monday, September 1, 1997

Reading: We will discuss Chapter 1 in the Kamen/Heck text next week. Please read section 1.1, browse sections 1.2-1.4, and read section 1.5.

Problems: Please work on the following problems for Monday.

  1. Consider the low-pass RC circuit filter that we discussed in class, which is shown below.


    1. What is the formula for the ``complex frequency response'' tex2html_wrap_inline35?
    2. What are the formulas for the magnitude tex2html_wrap_inline37 and the phase tex2html_wrap_inline39 of the frequency response?
    3. For the values R=1.1 tex2html_wrap_inline43 and C=0.22 tex2html_wrap_inline47 considered in class, produce rough sketches of tex2html_wrap_inline37 and tex2html_wrap_inline39 versus tex2html_wrap_inline53. What is the ``gain'' of the circuit at low frequencies?
    4. Use your formula for tex2html_wrap_inline37 and the definition of cutoff frequency tex2html_wrap_inline57 to derive an expression for tex2html_wrap_inline57 as a function of R and C. This is the expression that is required in order to design a filter (i.e., choose R and C) to achieve a specified cutoff frequency.

  2. Please answer the same questions for the RC circuit shown below. What type of filter is this circuit (low pass, high pass, or band pass)?