Prof. Rich Kozick
ELEC 320, Fall 1997

Homework 21

Date Assigned: Friday, October 31, 1997
Date Due: Friday, November 7, 1997

  1. Lab Project: Please work on your lab projects this week, and send me a status report via email by Thursday, November 6, at 10 PM.

    We will not meet formally during the 8-11 AM lab times on November 4 and 6. However, Ligong Zheng will be available from 8-9:30 on those days for help with lab projects or homework.

  2. Quiz 4 will be on Monday, November 3, and there will be a lecture on Wednesday, November 5 from 9-10 AM.
  3. Reading: Please read Chapter 5. We have discussed most of the material in Chapter 5 previously in this course. Read Chapter 5 on your own, and work on the problems listed in the next item.
  4. Please solve the following problems, and submit solutions on Friday, November 7.

5.1 (a,b), 5.3, 5.4, 5.27, 5.29, 5.32.

Thank you.