ELEC 320, Fall 2004
Prof. Rich Kozick

Homework 11

Date Assigned: Friday, October 15, 2004
Date Due: Monday, October 18 and Friday, October 22, 2004

  1. Reading: Please continue to study Chapter 3 in the Lathi text on Fourier series. We will not discuss Section 3.2 on correlation at this time, but please study Sections 3.5-3.9 for next week.

  2. Exam 2 will be on Wednesday, October 20. The topics will include the following. The exam will include a convolution problem that you will solve without a calculator.

  3. For Lab 4, please submit a report (one report per pair of students) explaining your results and answers to the questions. The report can be hand-written, if you would like, and it is due on Friday, October 22, at 9 AM.

  4. Please solve the following problems in Chapter 3 of the Lathi text, and submit your solutions on October 18. Show all of your work. If you obtain a result with your calculator, write down exactly what you input to your calculator, and identify the result from your calculator.
    Problems 3.1-2 and 3.4-3 (parts b and c only).

  5. Develop a Matlab program to plot the truncated Fourier series using your results from problems 3.4-3 (parts b and c).

    The program fstrun.m that we used in class may be a useful template for your program. Please try to do this for Monday, but you may submit your results on Friday, October 22.

Thank you.