ELEC 320, Fall 2004
Prof. Rich Kozick

Homework 5

Date Assigned: Friday, September 10, 2004
Date Due: Monday, September 13 and Wednesday, September 15, 2004

  1. Reading: Please continue to study Chapter 1 in the Lathi text, particularly sections 1.4-1.8 for next week.

  2. Reports for Lab 1: We will continue to work on Lab 1 for one more week (through Tuesday, September 14). Then individual lab reports will be due at 9 AM on Friday, September 24. I suggest that you submit a rough draft of your report next week so that I can give you some feedback. Guidelines for the lab report are listed on the Lab 1 assignment sheet, but you should present your filter designs, analyze the frequency response (including the derivation of the cutoff frequency), and present your measured data on Bode plots. Your report should discuss how well you achieved each filter specification. That is, you should compare the measured gains and cutoff frequencies with the specified values.

    ** The dates in red are different than those on the hard copy distribued in class on September 10. **

  3. Please attend the guest lecture on Monday, September 13, at 3 PM in Dana 113:
    Dr. Andrew Jones, "A concept for motion-compensated radiotherapy"

  4. Please solve the following problems in Chapter 1 of the Lathi text, and submit your solutions on the specified date. Please show your work and explain your reasoning.

    For Monday, September 13:

    Problems 1.1-2, 1.1-3, 1.1-4, and 1.1-6 (parts a and b only).
    For problem 1.1-6, you do not have to show the integration, but explain how you get your answer.

    For Wednesday, September 15:

    Problems 1.3-1, 1.3-2, 1.3-3, 1.4-1, 1.4-4, 1.4-5, 1.4-7.
    ** Do only the problems from Section 1.3 for Wednesday. The problems from Section 1.4 will be due on Friday. **
Thank you, and have a nice weekend!