ELEC 320, Fall 2004
Prof. Rich Kozick

Laboratory Project:
Report Guidelines and Schedule

Students will present and/or demonstrate their lab projects on Monday, December 6 (2:00 - 5:00 PM). The main purpose of the lab project is for you to learn something new about a topic of your choice in the general area of signals and systems.

Written report: Each group is asked to submit a brief written report that describes your project objectives, explains the approach that you used, and summarizes your results. I recommend that you submit your report before final exams, by Tuesday, December 7. However, it is OK if you submit the report before the final exam on Tuesday, December 14.

Oral presentation: Please limit your presentation to 10 minutes, with demonstrations and questions included within that time. A suggestion for organizing your presentation is to do the following:

  1. Clearly explain the problem that you addressed in your project.
  2. Summarize the approach that you used.
  3. Show results, demonstration, problems encountered, etc.
With 11 different presentations, the audience will not be able to absorb a lot of technical details, so try to convey the basic ideas of what you did.

Presentation schedule: A tentative ordering of presentations is given below. The maximum time for each presentation is 15 minutes, including setup time.

  1. Ryan Bower and Jeff Stoltzfus: "MATLAB Synthesizer"
  2. Matt Lamparter and Michael Piesen: "Linear Synthesizer"
  3. Chris Breaux and Samij Patel: "Audio Signal Processing"
  4. Micah Gregory and Matthew Moeller: "Musical Graphic Equalizer and Power Amplifier"
  5. Jake Thompson, Stephen Watts, and Brian Cole: "Analog Audio Equalizer"
  6. Ryan Fisher, Matt Mehalick, and Mike Sokol: "Car Audio Crossover (3-Way Speaker Crossover)"
  7. Nick Conrads, Angela D'Orazio, David Locklear: "Digital Image Processing"
  8. Henry Shin: "Matched Filter for Ultrasound"
  9. Aya Akimoto: "The Ultimate Concert Hall Experience"
  10. Matthew Paul Harner, Hsiang-Lin Yang, and Sriram Sridharan: "Deconvolution of a low-pass RC circuit"
  11. Adam Edwards and Ryan Cairnes: "DTMF Generator and Decoder"