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From: Debbie McAllister <dmcllstr@bucknell.edu>
Subject: IEEE talk today at noon
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Please remind your students today of the IEEE talk today at noon in Dana 117.  There will be pizza!!

IEEE Presents:
Two Applications of
Statistical Signal Processing

By: Professor Kozick
Gardner Dana 117
November 27, 2006
12:00 pm
*Food will be provided*
Two current research projects in the area of statistical signal processing will be
described.  The first involves localization of the nodes in a sensor network.  In order
to make use of the data measured by sensors that are connected in a wireless network, it
is necessary to know the locations of the sensor nodes.  A method for enabling a node to
self-localize its position will be described that combines measured acoustic and radio
signals.  The second project involves identifying the source of a measured radio signal
by detecting very slight variations in the signal waveform.  An information-theoretic
framework will be described, and results from processing measured data will be presented.

Debbie McAllister
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Electrical Engineering Dept.
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