ELEC 340, Spring 1999
Prof. Rich Kozick

Special Problems 1

Date Assigned: Monday, January 25, 1999
Date Due: Friday, January 29, 1999

  1. Please answer the following question for problems 2-16, 2-20, 2-22, and 2-24 that you solved in Homework 4:
    Does the Boolean function F contain a hazard?
    If yes, demonstrate the hazard with an example input.

    Leaders to present solution on January 29:

    Lee Gratz and Jeremy Everitt for Problem 2-16.

    Chris Lay and Alex Gibson for Problem 2-20.

  2. Please solve the "Logic design problems" listed on the back of this page. Please order the input variables in your truth table in the way that we discussed in class. You should use K-maps to derive a simplified logic circuit implementation.

    Leaders to present solution on January 29:

    Mike Stevenson and John Mayega.

Everyone should prepare solutions for Friday, January 29. The leaders will explain their solutions to the class.

Thank you.