It is my pleasure to introduce Charles Cartwright who is visiting the university from the UK and has kindly agreed to speak to us on the subject of "Engineering and Product Management". Charles graduated with a Masterís Degree from the University of Southampton, UK in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, with a specialty in Project Management, Law and Accounting. Prior to his studies at the University of Southampton he spent a year at Bucknell in the Department of Electrical Engineering. He has held a series of positions in government and private industry and is currently a product manager for the Norweigan Digital TV Company, Tandberg Television.

Prior to his appointment to Tandberg Television, he was a development engineer for Her Majestyís Government Communications Center, and subsequently with National Transcommunications Limited. Following this he served as a senior development engineer and project leader with Digi-Media Vision and News Digital Systems.

Charles is the owner of three patents relating to data processing and has disseminated his work in several papers presented at industrial conferences in the general area of networks and broadcasting. He is a chartered engineer and a corporate member of the Institution of Electrical Engineers. The title of his talk today is: To be or not to be: Engineering as a career for the graduate engineer.