ELEC 400 Homework and Project Assignments, Fall 2001

August 29:

  1. Read the article "So, You're Going to be a Member of a Team ..." by Patricia L. Philips.
  2. Finish your team contracts, and submit a typed contract that is signed by all team members on Wednesday, September 5, at 10 AM. Include your team name on your contract. Your team contract should contain two lists: Bring your team contracts to the ELEC 480 lab sessions.

September 3: RFP #1: Pulse-width modulator

September 12: Continue reading The Soul of a New Machine. At minimum, read chapters 1-3 (pp. 1-66) by Monday, September 17.

September 21: Draft #2 of PWM proposal due

September 24:

  1. Please finish reading The Soul of a New Machine by Monday, October 8.
  2. Develop a model of the PWM solution for customer demonstration on Friday, November 2. In order for the customer to accept your system, you must prove that you satisfy all specifications!

October 17:

  1. Please begin reading Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance. Read Part 1 (up to page 79) and begin Part 2 (up to about page 200) by October 29.
  2. Continue to prepare the following for the PWM demonstration on Friday, November 2: Based on your November 2 presentation, a decision will be made on whether your group will be asked to develop the production model.

November 5:

November 9: Mechanical Engineering Design Projects

November 19: Essay on Books and Films