ELEC 400: ABET Course Objectives and Outcomes

ABET program outcomes that we must meet

Course objectives:

Students finishing this course will have improved teamwork skills, will gain experience with the engineering design process, and will develop a plan for their senior design project for the following semester.

Course outcomes:

At the conclusion of the course, students will be able to

  1. apply formal teamwork principles to monitor team functioning and correct team operation as needed.

  2. produce a design strategy for an open-ended problem, with results documented in well-organized written and oral presentations.
    (a, c, e, g, k, l)

  3. develop a written proposal that contains a clear plan for the spring semester senior design project.
    (c, g)

  4. evaluate the feasibility of a technical proposal.

  5. apply relevant aspects of professional codes of ethics when considering possible alternative decisions or solutions.

  6. describe how "analytical" and "artistic" persons in society relate to each other and complement one another.