ELEC 470 Demonstrations and Class Notes, Spring 2001

January 18: Analog versus digital communication systems

January 29: Multiple access methods

February 13: Matlab demo of Fourier series fsdemo.m

February 20: News of an unbreakable code

Thursday, February 27: Amplitude Modulation in Simulink
(See Homework 7 for questions related to these programs.)

Run the following Simulink programs in Matlab on the Sun computers or on the PCs in Dana 120B. The programs may run in other labs, but I have tested them only on the Suns and the PCs in 120B. First download the file to a folder in your account. Then to start filename.mdl, type filename at the Matlab prompt.

February 27: Claude Shannon dead at 84: CNN and Fox News

April 10: Doubling the airwaves?

April 10: Hat color problem

April 24: Tarokh award for space-time codes