ELEC 471, Spring 2002
Prof. Rich Kozick

Homework 8

Date Assigned: Tuesday, March 26, 2002
Date Due: Tuesday, April 2, 2002

  1. Reading: Please finish reading Chapter 2, and begin reading Chapter 3 for class on April 9.

  2. Exam 2 will be on Thursday, April 4, and it will cover Chapter 2 of the text. Note that the syllabus listed the date for Exam 2 as April 2.

  3. Please solve the following problems in the text for Tuesday, April 2:
    Section 2.6: 1 and 2
    Section 2.7: 2, 7 (state answer for all possible values of k), and 8 (you should be able to do parts (a) and (b), and give your best effort on part (c))
    Section 2.8: 1, 5 (show the computations for part (a)), 7, 9 (hint: find Var[X] and use problem 2.8.7), and extra credit if you solve 10
    Section 2.9: Read the text, and solve problem 2.9.6
    Note: In Problem 2.8.9, the definition of q is opposite to the definition of q in Problem 2.6.5. Please replace the last sentence in Problem 2.8.9 with the following:
    "How small must the error probability q be to ensure that the jitter is less than 2 milliseconds?"

  4. Presentations: The following students are asked to present their solution on April 2 to the indicated problem. Each pair of students will present their solution together.

    Problem 2.7.7: Tania Holovach and Jason Klechka

    Problem 2.7.8: Jon Koifman and Ryan McKenna

    Problem 2.9.6: Chris Owens and Mike Roberg

  5. I will be away from campus attending a conference from April 1-5, so please see me this week if you have questions. On April 2, the solutions to this homework assignment will be reviewed, and some additional problems will be solved for practice.
Thank you.