ELEC 471, Spring 2003
Prof. Rich Kozick

Homework 8

Date Assigned: Tuesday, March 25, 2003
Date Due: Tuesday, April 1, 2003

  1. Reading: Please finish reading Chapter 2, and begin reading Chapter 3 for the week of April 7.

  2. Exam 2 will be on Thursday, April 3, and it will cover Chapter 2 of the text.

  3. Please solve the following problems in the text for Tuesday, April 1:
    Section 2.6: 1 and 2
    Section 2.7: 2, 7 (state answer for all possible values of k), and 8 (you should be able to do parts (a) and (b), and give your best effort on part (c))
    Section 2.8: 1, 5 (show the computations for part (a)), 7, 9 (hint: find Var[X] and use problem 2.8.7), and extra credit if you solve 10
    Section 2.9: Read the text, and solve problem 2.9.6
    Notes: In Problem 2.8.9, the definition of q is opposite to the definition of q in Problem 2.6.5. Please replace the last sentence in Problem 2.8.9 with the following:
    "How small must the error probability q be to ensure that the jitter is less than 2 milliseconds?"
    Also, define the jitter as the standard deviation of the random variable T in Problem 2.6.5.

    Here is a minor clarification for Problem 2.9.6, part (b). The conditioning event N >= 20 is equivalent to having 19 consecutive tests without a failure. (The problem states 20 consecutive tests without a failure.)

  4. Presentations: The following students are asked to present their solution on April 1 to the indicated problem. Each pair of students will present their solution together.

    Problem 2.7.7: Jon Mau and Ray Mrozinski

    Problem 2.7.8: Mark Bryson and Garfield Mathis

Thank you.