A Period Oil Lamp

I took Master Bedwyr's class on oil lamps at Pennsic 2008. The next summer, I found an old ceramic hanging planter and cleaned it up.

Bedwyr gave us starter kits which included a flat piece of cork, a metal disc, and a 4 ply piece of cotton mop. Following his directions, I put the cork and disc together with the cotton (all 4 plys) sticking thru the hole in the center. I filled the majority of the lamp with water and about 1/4 cup of olive oil. The oil quickly floated to the top. I put the floating wick in, metal side up with the majority of the wick underneath.

I waited a minute or two and the oil climbed up the wick. I then used a standard lighter and fortunately the wick lit before my thumb got too hot.

As Bedwyr told us, the flame isn't very hot. I didn't even feel heat when my hand was near the flame.

It took less than 1/4 cup of water splashed on the wick to put it out.