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The finger food project Period finger foods, a current project.
Desserts and sweets throughout Europe For a class taught on this subject.
Relatively simple medieval dishes for non-medieval cooks. (By request for a MEaD potluck. Large overlap with the previous 2 projects.)
Spice Mixtures
Food Coloring Agents

Advice on Feasts
Introduction to Cooking (Cariadoc's Miscellany)
Cooking from Primary Sources (Cariadoc's Miscellany)
Serve It Forth! A Periodical Forum for SCA Cooks
Medieval and SCA Feasts (Stefan's Florilegium)
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Rob Peter to feed Paul: halving feast costs (Honour Horne-Jaruk)
Medieval Cooks

Recipes and Redactions

In the world of medieval cooking, a recipe is in its original form or has been directly translated. It may be vague and without measurements. A redaction is a modern style version of the recipe with measurements, ingredients, and notes. The redaction is someone's educated guess at the intent of the original recipe.

The Forme of Cury, A Roll of Ancient English Cookery c. 1390 (also)
Curye on Inglysch: English Culinary Manuscripts of the Fourteenth Century (Including the Forme of Cury), ed. by Constance B. Hieatt and Sharon Butler 1985
Two Fifteenth Century Cookery Books, c. 1430-1450, ed. Thomas Austin 1964
A Noble Boke off Cookry Ffor a Prynce Houssolde c. 1470, ed. 1882
An Ordinance of Pottage, 15th c, pub. by Constance B. Hieat 1988
Ancient Cookery from A Collection of the Ordinances and Regulations for the Government of the Royal Household made in Divers Reigns from King Edward III to King William and Queen Mary also Receipts in Ancient Cookery 15th c., pub. by John Nichols 1740
Gentyll manly Cokere 15th C
The Closet of the Eminently Learned Sir Kenelme Digby Kt. Opened Sir Kenelm Digby, 1669
The English Housewife, 1683 by Gervase Markham (this is the 9th ed. the original was pub in 1615).
A Proper Newe Booke of Cookerye, mid 16th C
Delights for Ladies, 1609 Hugh Plat
Camp Cooking without a Cooler? (Rufina Cambrensis)
To Dres Artichocks c. 1604 (Don Alexandre Lerot d'Avigné from Eleanor Fettiplace's Receipt Book)
Recipes from Digby's Closet and Ancient Cookery (Don Alexandre Lerot d'Avigné)

Enseignements c. 1300
Le Ménagier de Paris c. 1846, scanned in.
Le Ménagier de Paris c. 1395, edited by Jérome Pichon in 1846, translated by Janet Hinson into English
Le Ménagier de Paris in French
Du Fait de Cuisine c. 1420, Chiquart. Translated by Elizabeth Cook
Le Viandier c. 1392, Taillevent.
Mushroom Pastys (Don Alexandre Lerot d'Avigné from Le Menagier de Paris)
Menu for the 2nd Annual Williamsfaire (Hlafdige Aíbell ingen Dairmata)
Lunch at Will's Revenge 2006 (Hlafdige Aíbell ingen Dairmata)

Eberhard 15th
Kunigsberg MS Baltic East Prussia 15th C (the u has 2 dots over it)
Inntal Bavaria late 15th
Ein Buch von guter spise c. 1350 (Translated by Alia Atlas)
Ein New Kochbuchby Marx Rumpolt c. 1581 (Translated by M. Grasse)
Das Kuchbuch der Sabrina Welserin c. 1553

Cheese from Compendio de i secreti rationali 16th C
Ruperto de Nola 1529 Italian part 1
Ruperto de Nola 1529 Italian part 2
Cristoforo da Messisbugo 1549
Menu for the NoMountain Spring Wedding (Hlafdige Aíbell ingen Dairmata)

Middle East
Fadalat Andalusian and Muslim, 13th C
An Anonymous Andalusian Cookbook of the Thirteenth Century (Andalusian) by Ambrosio Huici Miranda. Translation by Charles Perry
La Cocina Arabigoandaluza (al-Andalusi)
Kitab al Tibakhah: A Fifteenth-Century Cookbook by Ibn al-Mabrad
Kitab al-Tabikh wa-islah al-Aghdiyah al-Ma'kulat 10th c., by Abu Muhammad al-Muzaffar ibn Nasr ibn Sayyar al-Warraq
Some Recipes of al-Andalus (Stephen Bloch MKA Joshua ibn-Eleazar ha-Shalib)
Menu for the NoMountain Spring Event (Hlafdige Aíbell ingen Dairmata)

Um Tratado Da Cozinha Portuguesa Do Seculo XV 15th c. (in Portugese) (translation)

17th C Cookbook

St. Valentine's Feast (Rufina Cambrensis & Joshua ibn-Eleazar)

Bifrons-GessnerA 1556 letter about cheese

The Mead Maker's Page
Some mead recipes and brewing notes (Hlafdige Aíbell ingen Dairmata)

Many Cultures
Cariadoc's Recipe CollectionEnglish, French, Italian, Islamic and more
Bored? Period Cooking For the Next Generation! English, French. (Lady Andrea)
Menu for Wile the Winter Away English, French, Italian, Spanish.
Medieval Recipies Modernized (Bill Gamber & Ken Withers)
Twelfth Night Feast French, English. (Gideanus Adamantius)
Cariadoc's Recipes Islamic, English, Italian, French, Byzantine, Mediterranean, Portugese.
More Cooler-Free Camp Cooking French, English, Spanish, Islamic. (Rufina Cambrensis)

Various Topics

Plants, Herbs, and Spices (Stefan's Florilegium)
Herb names (medicinal and cookery) in German, Latin and English. Lyn M. Parkinson