lease forgive my spelling attempts, my persona is a 12th C irish woman living in England. She is definitly almost illiterate.

Novice Scola 03: Boston

Yue and Khalil Dave, Yue, Me, Rachel, Khalil Ceara the harper
Two gentles and Yevshaw Yevshaw and his lady Two distinguished gentles
Me and a gentle who showed us
how to drape Dave's kilt
Yue, Rachel and Khalil embroidering Yue's fine enbroidery!
Me, Rachel, Yue, Khalil

Pennsic 03: camping with Mountain Freehold

Me in the camp kitchen Marieke, Scarfian, Cenwulf, Grendel, Ian, Iago, me in the living room
Sir Gareth Iago Lady Katherine and Marcellus Skya

Williamsfaire 02


Pictures from my wardrobe

(Katherine and I modeling)
16th C Italian gown with a rather modern cloak Italian gown without the cloak (or sleeves) Rather nonperiod but early looking garb. Good for doing camp dishes and holding hot pots. Not good near open flames. My first embroidered outfit
My 1st try at a bliaut Big blue: a 13th C English gown Big blue with a sueded green gates of hell surcoat