Image Source Color Length SleevesNecklineLacingUndergarbTrim BeltsHairJewelryShoesCape
left man1a.2vanklebell slight/elbow, length 3/4waist/hipwrist length, possible hose sleeve hem, gown hem, band w/ dotspast shoulder, braided? fitted, pointyno
middle man1a.2vround waist/hipto chin l shoulder fastened
right man1a.2vanklewide wrist wrist length, ankle length gownwrist band. hem band w dotsto chinfitted, pointysame trim
man 1a.3vkneestraight wristwaist/hip no hosewrist, hem, high thigh, low thigh, band w big dot/2 sm dotspast shoulder, loosefitted, highside/neck trim, r shoulder fastened

Glossary of my terms


Example: 1a.2v means source #1 Early Manuscripts at Oxford U, manual #a Bodleian Library, fol 2 verso (fol,v/r are the page numbers).
  1. Early Manuscripts ot Oxford University