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Course Description

Description: CSCI315 is an introduction to operating system concepts. Class lectures will cover system structure and design principles, while the scheduled laboratories will deal with practical aspects including experimentation with important algorithms and program structures as well as UNIX system-oriented shell commands. The primary language used in lab will be the Java - you are not expected to know Java ahead of time.


Jerry Mead
228 Dana Engineering
Tel: x 71392
Office Hours: ???

Steven Guattery
3xx Dana Engineering
Tel: x 73828
Office Hours: ???

Required Text:

Applied Operating System Concepts by Silberschatz, Galvin, and Gagne
The Java Programming Langauge by

Course Home Page:

All course materials will be distributed via the web using the course home page.

Java Project - To help get you up to speed on Java there will be a two-week project handed out in the first lab. This project is to be carried out independently with the following restrictions. You can discuss aspects of design and functionality with your classmates, but it is not permitted for you to see anyone else's code. If you have questions about programming problems see your instructor.

Laboratory reports are due the Monday following the lab. Hand-written work is not acceptable (except where hand-written annotations are asked for). Most labs will have a pre-lab requirement. The pre-lab work must be handed in at the beginning of lab and will count 30% of the lab score.

All students are expected to attend class and scheduled labs: poor attendance (either class or lab) will have an adverse affect on your grade. All assigned work is due on the date specified. Each student will be given 3 late days to use during the semester. When something is handed in late you will indicate how many late days you are using and how many you think you have left. When your late days are exhausted each late day will result in deductions as 15% per day. The course grade will be based on the following:

  1. Exams (70% total)
    1. 2 1-hour exams (20% each)
    2. A comprehensive final (counts 30%)
  2. Graded Homeworks (10% total)
  3. Labs (20%)

There is no course project. The time saved is expected to be devoted to the laboratory and homework assignments.

It is important to note that the completion of assignments, lab projects, the Java project, and exams is a requirement of the course.

All course requirements must be satisfied to pass the course.

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