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The Unimax 2000 Micro Roaster

new --the Unimax Roasting/Grinding/Brewing Systems and 2 lb. Roaster. (coming soon)

Sweet Maria's is now offering this high-quality roaster with an infra-red heat system, .5 lb batch capacity and automatic cooling cycle at the lowest price possible.

The Unimax roasts without scorching or tipping with an average -first crack- consistently occurring at 8 minutes. I first tested it using the most one of the most difficult coffees to roast, dry-processed Ethiopian Harar Longberry.

While the Unimax tends to burn some chaff (which results in a smokier roast taste akin to a Probat gas drum roaster), the roast emerges from the cooling cyle with good uniform color and completely clean of chaff.

The internal thermocoupled sensor is accurate and sensitive (+/- 1.5 degrees) so the degree-of-roast adjustment knob is very accurate. But the roast finishes quite hot, so it's handy to have the manula override button available; with one touch you can stop the roast and begin the cooling cycle at any point. This gives a good degree of hands-on control over the process.

Don't think the machine makes roasting too automated --the first and second cracks are loud, there's plenty of seductive roasting aromas, and you can peek in on the roast through the door in the top without losing too much heat, it seems.

unimax image

(click on image for U-2000 specifications)

The Unimax is thoughtfully designed and well made. It seems that the basket to receive the cooled beans is actually a drip coffee maker's filter basket with a fry basket inside it, but it works effectively to isolate the chaff from the roasted coffee during the cooling cycle (which occurs in the roast chamber). That may seem a bit cheap for an expensive roaster like this, but I trust that it probably keeps the production cost, and the retail cost, down a few bucks. Otherwise the machine is ingenious, effective, well-made (the body is all metal, not plastic).

As I mentioned, the roasts finish hot (first crack is followed by the second crack rapidly) but this is not a bad thing: a worse scenario for a roast system is that it finishes slow, that the coffee mass exotherms during the cracks and roasting stalls. This results in baked roasts. A fast finish allows carmelization to progress without interuption and produces sharper pungent tastes in darker roasts. The roast profile here is more akin to professional drum roasting than to fluid-bed or air popper roasting. That is, the roast develops better body and acidity is more muted.

Roast times vary from 8 minutes upward, and cooling time is about 10 minutes. That means you are about 18 minutes away from truly fresh coffee at home, in the office, or whereever you decide to put one of these nice little roasters in your everyday life ...

Unimax 2000 Product Specifications:

Unimax Warranty: Unimax warranties all products to be free from defects in workmanship and material, under normal use and service, for the period of one year from purchase date.

Our Price:

We are offering the Unimax 2000 at $439.95 plus $10 for UPS shipping in the continental US. You will also receive 5 types of green coffee from us, 1/2 lb each!

If you want a larger stock of coffee to get the ball rolling we suggest you try our economical sampler packs, the 4 pack or the 8 pack , or any coffees from our extensive list of offerings.

International orders on the Unimax are welcome at the same low base price, plus exact shipping charges to your country. Beware of any VAT or export tax you might have to pay from your postal service. Please see our page on International Shipping.

Other Unimax Products:

We can sell you a variety of Unimax machines, but I haven't tested most of these. Since the technology is the same between them, I think I can attest to the quality of construction. We have tested the 555si roaster/grinder/brewer and found it to work impressively. I really can't believe a machine can do all these things, but it does! And the price is outstanding. The obvious drawback is that the coffee doesn't rest after roasting, but this machine may suit some peoples needs. Please call me (Tom) and I'll tell you what I have observed with the 555si.

All units below come with 2 lbs. free coffee from Sweet Maria's
The Pro Roaster comes with 10 lbs. free coffee.
Micro Roaster U2000
1/2 lb cap. 120 vac
Micro Roaster U2230
1/2 lb cap. 230 vac
ProRoaster 9000 ***
2 lb cap. 230-240 vac
about $25
Micro Roaster Brewer 555si
5 cup cap. 120 vac
Micro Roaster Brewer 585si
8 cup cap. 120 vac
Micro Roaster Brewer 425si
10 cup cap. 120 vac
***not available until 2/99

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