ITiCSE 2006 Working Group:
A Cognitive Approach to Identifying Measurable
Milestones for Programming Skill Acquisition
organized by

Jerry Mead (Bucknell U.) and Simon Gray (College of Wooster)

working group members

Caroline St.Clair (North Central College)
John Hamer (U. of Auckland)
Richard James (Rollins College
Juha Sorva (Helsinki U. of Technology)
Lynda Thomas (U. of Wales, Aberystwyth)

The working group described on this page has been formed, done its work, and published its results. This prelude is to make available a link to the group's report and to reference interested viewers to a link at the bottom of the page to our bibliography, which includes discussions of certain papers we read. The report will be published in ACM's inroads in January, 2007 -- a link to the report is here.

Working Group Bibliography and Reviews

At this link is a bibliography for the project - here's a pdf version. This will be expanded and modified as the work of the group progresses. The linked page also includes summaries of certain papers from the bibliography that we read more closely.

Working Group Organization

Welcome to the Working Group 6 web page. A more enticing name would be nice, but we will save that as the first task of the group membership. Before writing to express an interest in the group please read the proposal that we submitted to ITiCSE 2006. After reading the proposal, if you have questions do not hesitate to email one of the organizers.

Apply for Group Membership

If you would like to express interest in participating in our working group, please send an email to Jerry Mead that includes the following:

  1. A short statement indicating why you are motivated to join our working group and how you feel you will be able to add to its success.
  2. A short summary of your experience as it relates to the topic.
  3. Confirmation that you understand the obligations of being a member of the working group:

Bios of Group Members

At this link there is a short biography of each member of the Working Group.

Plan of Activities

The plan of activities for the working group described in the proposal will be refined based on input from members. After the working group is formed we will work on the following items in the order they appear.

Jerry and Simon understand that the working plan laid out may be aggressive, but it can be adjusted as we go.

Jerry will be attending SIGCSE. If you wish to talk to him while there, send him an email.

send comments to