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Geeky Soundtrack for Coding Inspiration

If you don’t know this yet, geek and nerd mean very different things. I’ll let you do a web search and talk to your friends about it, but here are a few thoughts.

  1. By definition a nerd can’t be cool, but there’s no one to say that geeks can’t be cool. Actually, geeks are the coolest.
  2. Geeks don’t have to be anti-social, dress funny, or be the prey of bullies. They just are better at science, math, and technology than the average person.
  3. People are jealous of the geek’s skills and self-confidence. They try to hide it by saying “you are such a geek!”, particularly when the geek shows knowledge that trumps that of the first person.

But… enough about the nerd versus geek debate; let’s get this playlist started. I invite you to add to it!


  • Love and Mathematics, Broken Social Scene
  • Mathematics of Chaos, Killing Joke
  • My Mathematical Mind, Spoon
  • Music is Math, Boards of Canada
  • Black Math, The White Stripes
  • Any song by Math and Physics Club

Science and Technology

  • She Blinded Me with Science, Thomas Dolby
  • Anything from The Sounds of Science, The Beastie Boys
  • Natural Science, Rush
  • Weird Science, Oingo Boingo
  • Atom Dream, William Orbit
  • Anything from Better Living Through Chemistry, Fatboy Slim
  • Life is a Gas, from Electric Warrior, T.Rex
  • Life on Mars, David Bowie
  • Space Oddity, David Bowie
  • I Took a Trip on a Gemini Spaceship, David Bowie
  • Here on Earth, Love and Rockets
  • Holiday on the Moon, Love and Rockets
  • Time, Pink Floyd
  • Astronomy Domine, Pink Floyd
  • Chemistry Class, Elvis Costello & The Attractions
  • Rest My Chemistry, Interpol
  • Surrealchemist, Stereolab
  • President Gas, The Psychedelic Furs
  • I’ve Got a Miniature Secret Camera, Peter Murphy
  • Computerworld, Kraftwerk
  • It’s More Fun to Compute, Kraftwerk again
  • Computer Love, Kraftwerk one more time… (maybe they’re simply the geekiest band ever)
  • Future in Computer Hell, Junkie XL
  • Computer Blue, Prince
  • Paranoid Android,  or anything from OK Computer, Radiohead
  • Technologic, Daft Punk
  • Any song by Electronic
  • The Electric Co., U2
  • Ultraviolet, U2
  • Atmosphere, Joy Division
  • Invisible Sun, The Police
  • Body Electric, The Sisters of Mercy
  • Anything from Electric, The Cult
  • Electricityscape, The Strokes
  • Electrified, and anything else by Electric Boys
  • Electricity, Suede
  • Electricity, Spiritualized
  • Electric Alice, Grinderman (You know Alice the programming language, don’t you? This one scores double.)
  • Are Friends Electric?, Gary Numan
  • Electric Requiem, Queensrÿche
  • Electric Feel, MGMT
  • Electric Funeral, Black Sabbath
  • She’s Electric, Oasis
  • Radar Love, Golden Earring (although the Ministry version sounds better)
  • Shooting Star, Lou Reed
  • Atari Baby, Sigue Sigue Sputnik