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Lecture 2: One-Dimensional Kinematics

August 24, 2017

Reading Assignment



Lecture Materials

Videos of example problems

For the following videos, to see the problem statement, click on the link below. To play the video example, click on the underlined words "Video Demonstration" near the top of the page with the problem statement.

Pre-Class Entertainment

Random note of the day

This past Monday, a group from Bucknell led by Prof. Ned Ladd and Payton Johnson (Class of 2019) went to Crossville, TN to watch the total eclipse and to make scientific measurements.

Here is what the eclipse looked like (yes, it really looked like this -- I took this picture myself with a regular camera; this is what you saw when you looked up into the sky during the period of totality):

For more information, see Payton's and Ned's blog: http://2017solareclipse.blogs.bucknell.edu/ and Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/bucknelleclipse/