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Lab Final Prep

Lab Checkout Questions:

Your best preparation for the lab final is to use open labs, the lab manual and your lab notebook to review all labs. The above “What to Know for the Lab Exam” is a guidance for how to prepare for the final. The checkout questions here listed are not a complete preparation for the lab final.

Note that we do not provide solutions to these questions. If you have questions, come talk to a lab instructor.

  • Lab #1: Representing Motion
  • Lab #2: Static Equilibrium
  • Lab #3: Newton's 2nd Law
  • Lab #4: Air Drag on a Falling Object
  • Lab #5: Numerical Solution: Air Drag
  • Lab #6: Statistical Uncertainties
  • Lab #7: Relativistic Momentum & Energy
  • Lab #8: Speed of Sound & Light
  • Lab #9: Constant Volume Gas Thermometer and Absolute Zero
  • Lab #10: Entropy
  • Lab #11: Measurement of "g"
  • Lab #12: Torque and the Human Arm

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