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Wed, Aug 16, 6:30 p.m. - The dragon has three heads. So ... who are the three riders?

I'm going to make this post ``invisible'' in case anyone who isn't current on the TV show doesn't want any spoilers. To view this, highlight the white space underneath here. Note: I haven't looked at any leaked spoilers about upcoming stuff, so if you are up to date with the TV show, there is nothing in the following that spoils anything, unless I happen to be correct with one of the theories.

Rider Number 1: Danaerys, obviously. She is already very comfortable on top of a dragon.

Riders 2 and 3 are not settled yet, but there are some pretty strong indications:

Number 2: Jon Targaryen (aka, Jon Snow, but we know who his parents really are, and apparently they were actually married). Seems almost obvious. Not only does he have Targaryen blood, but he seems to have bonded with Drogon. Of course, Drogon is already spoken for, so he'll have to choose one of the others.

By the way, when they were all ``Hey! Let's go up North and capture a wight!" last week, I kept screaming at the TV: ``Take a dragon with you, dammit!'' Of course, they didn't hear me. And, actually, I wasn't actually screaming at the TV; I was more like shouting internally.

Having said that, I'll be really pissed if they aren't all armed with dragonglass next week. After all, that's why Jon went down to Dragonstone in the first place. (I think it is likely that they have thought about this, because as they were leaving Dragonstone, they were loading crates into the boats that made a jingly, glass-like sound as they were being loaded.)

Okay, rider number 3 -- also seems almost obvious. Tyrion. As we know from previous seasons, Tyrion LOVES dragons, and he seems to have a good way with them as well (see Season 6, episode 2 or 3, which by the way proves beyond a doubt that Peter Dinklage is one of the best actors of our time -- he did the scene where he released the dragons with a giant ball.)

Tyrion would also be a good rider as it would make a really nice counterpart to the fact that he is a dwarf and has had to live his life being shunned because of his small stature (until recently, of course).

There is also an interesting fan-theory that Tyrion might actually be a Targaryen as well -- his mother might have been raped by the Mad King (which would also help explain why Tywin hated him so much and refused to even consider the possibility that Tyrion could inherit Casterly Rock).


Sat, Aug 12, 9:43 a.m. - Testing the questions page software. I should ask a question. Is winter coming?

Yes! Indeed it is.