Questions/comments about lecture

Sat, Dec 9, 9:43 p.m. - Could you please post the answers to all the concept tests?

They are all posted on the calendar pages. (I just added the ones that hadn't already been there.)

Sat, Dec 9, 6:11 p.m. - Are all of the answers for Concept Tests going to be posted somewhere?

The answers are posted on the calendar pages. I just added the ones for the first and last units.

Wed, Nov 8, 7:13 a.m. - does not work on Bucknell's Windows desktop computers.

It works fine on my computer and it is a Windows computer. I walked over the library and hopped on to one of the Windows desktop computers there, and it worked fine on that one as well. The only time I have ever had difficulty with any of these videos on a Windows computer was when I was off-campus, and I got it to work even there by running a VPN that connects to Bucknell's network. But if you are on-campus, that shouldn't be an issue.

So, I suspect that there is an issue with the computer that you are using. Where are you located, what version of Windows, what type of computer? Presumably, if you contact the Tech Desk at the library, they should be able to help you get this working.

By the way, I have heard a couple of cases of people saying that these videos don't work on MacIntosh computers. When I was at the library, I also logged on to a Mac there and tried the videos, using Safari and VLN (or whatever that video viewer on Macs is) and it worked fine on the Mac as well.

Thu, Oct 12, 10:02 p.m. - Can you please post all of the concept test answers from past lectures to ensure I have the correct answers (not mixed up with the ones I solved/guesses during lecture)?

Okay, I just posted the answers to the conceptests from Unit 2. You can find them on the calendar pages just below the "Lecture materials."

Sun, Sep 17, 9:07 a.m. - Where can I find the answers to all the concept tests from lectures?

In your lecture notes. With only a small number of exceptions, we covered all of the ConcepTests in detail during the lectures.

There are a couple of lectures where I put perhaps an extra ConcepTest in the lecture materials in case I had extra time, but didn't get to in lecture. If there is a ConcepTest at the end of one of the PDFs and you look in your notes and see that we didn't cover that one during lecture, then post a question about it to this question board, and I'll give you the answer and explanation. Or if you look at whatever you wrote in your lecture notes about a particular ConcepTest and still have questions, you can post those questions to this board as well.