Electric Field from Accelerated Charge
  • Here you can simulate the electric field lines from an accelerated charge.

  • It should begin in SHO (simple harmonic oscillation) - see the menu in the upper right corner. You can choose between Wiggler, SHO, Sync, and Inertial.

  • The initial speed is set to zero. You can adjust the speed (measured in units of c, the speed of light) using the scroll bar in the lower left. For SHO, this speed is the maximum speed of the charged particle.

  • Make sure you are in SHO. Click the Stop button. Adjust the speed to around V = 0.3. Then click the Run button.

  • You should notice that there is not much variation in the electric field along the oscillation direction, and that the most disturbance in the electric field is in the direction perpendicular to the oscillation direction.

    Davidson College Physlets