Questions/comments about the homework

Sun, Mar 4, 9:08 p.m. - For problem A47 what value are we supposed to use for "D" in rayleigh's criteron, I feel like it should be diameter of the human eye but I am not sure

For problem A47, the D in question is the diameter of the aperture of your eye, which is your pupil diameter. Grab a ruler and go look in the mirror to get an idea of the value for this.

Sun, Mar 4, 12:51 p.m. - For A47, it asks "How does your calculated separation compare with Prof. Bowen's estimate of the actual separation between lines (5 cm)?" How are we supposed to compare the two? Do we just have to roughly comment on whether the values are close enough or off by a large factor? Or, do we have to calculate the uncertainty of each measurement, propagate the error, and see if the measurement falls within the average +/- the propagated error? Just to add on to my question about A47, can we just give a percent error to compare the theoretical posed by Prof. Bowen and experimental calculated by us?

Compare it. How close are you? Are you off by 5%, 50%? What do you think could contribute to this difference?

Mon, Feb 26, 6:32 p.m. - What is the answer to CH 14 #39? I don't have the Wolfson Volume 1 with me.

For future reference, the answers for CH14 are also in the back of Volume 2. CH14 #39: (a) 280 Hz (b) 70 Hz (c) 210 Hz

Sat, Feb 17, 9:04 a.m. - Hello, can you please put up the answers for CH 14: 17, 21 (for those who don't have Wolfson Volume 1)? These problems are from last Friday's assigned problem set.

14-17: (a) 300 m; (b) 1.58 m; (c) 3.0cm; (d) 8 microns; (e) 500 nanometers; (f) 3.0 Angstroms.

14-21: (a) 1.3 cm; (b) 9.1 cm; (c) 0.20 s; (d) 45 cm/s; (e) -x direction.