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     "Marble" is a pick and place packaging simulation.  The system is composed of two Shuttleworth slip-torque conveyors (equipped with light sensors), a vision system, the Seiko TT-8550 SCARA robot, and a plethora of small marbles, widgets, and pallets.  The vision system recognizes the position of marbles on a small tray, and proceeds to pack the widgets with 4 marbles each.  Each full widget is then packed into a pallet (which can hold 4 widgets), and full pallets are sent away on the conveyor system. 

     The Raptor vision system adds versatility to the system.  Once an image of the marble tray is taken the software can discern which marbles can be picked up immediately, and which marbles are too close to the edge or each other to be picked up with the gripper.  If if encounters a marble that is in either of these "locked" positions, a short subroutine is called in which the robot "sweeps" the locked marbles into a new position.



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     "Dice" is a new demo that is being developed by a group of senior mechanical engineers for their senior design project.  "Dice" is a betting game similar to craps that is designed to showcase the interactivity of two robots and the abilities of the Raptor vision system.  The system is composed of the two Shuttleworth slip-torque conveyors, the Raptor vision system, both the Seiko TT-8550 and the Seiko-Epson SSR H414 HS robots, several small "chips", and a large die.  

     The game pits a human player against the Seiko-Epson robot in a game of dice run by the Seiko TT-8550.  Each "player" (the human as well as the Seiko-Epson) places a bet on what the die roll will be and these "bets" (in the form of large red chips) are sent to the TT-8550 via the conveyor system.  The TT-8550 then places their bets over the respective numbers that were bet on and then rolls the large die.  The Raptor vision system then reads the number of dots on the die face and determines who won or lost.  The TT-8550 then sends the "winnings" to the appropriate player and asks them to bet again.  Play proceeds until one of the players runs out of chips.