-- Lab Equipment --

Two Degree of Freedom Flexible Manipulator
This two degree-of-freedom flexible robot is used to analyze the behavior of manipulators with structurally elastic links. This experimental system was constructed to verify theoretical models of the manipulator as well as to serve as a testbed for the evaluation of potential control algorithms. 

A quick movie of the flexible manipulator in action. (668K - final2.avi)

This robot is currently being used as part of a NSF research collaborative project with the University of Washington on Pulse Width Control (6/12/2006)


Seiko Instruments TT-8550

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The latest addition to the Bucknell University Robotics Laboratory is a brand new Seiko TT-8550 SCARA type robot.  This small, yet versatile, robot boasts a cycle time of 0.62 sec.  [Robot cycle time is measured in the time it takes the arm to travel 1" up, 12" horizontally, and 1" down.]  The gripper currently being used (which was designed by a group of mechanical engineering seniors in 1998) is a pneumatically actuated, linear motion gripper with 1.9" of travel. 

The user interface for the Seiko 8550 is Seiko's own SPEL for Windows.  It is a Microsoft Windows based programming environment that allows the user to jog and teach the robot, monitor the status of I/O's, as well as compose programs off-line. 

The Seiko TT-8550 is currently equipped with a Raptor vision system. 


Seiko-Epson SSR-H414-HS

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 A SCARA robot made by Seiko-Epson. Originally used in conjunction with a vision system at AT&T, it was bought at auction and donated to Bucknell by a loyal alumnus. The gripper was designed and constructed by a group of mechanical engineering seniors in 1992. 

Slip-Torque Conveyor System
Both the Seiko TT-8550 and the Seiko-Epson SCARA robots are connected via slip-torque conveyor system donated by Shuttleworth Inc.  Using electronic eyes and pneumatically-controlled gates, the system demonstrates the typical interconnectivity of robots in manufacturing.