Other Robotics Labs

This is a list of  links for other educational institutions.  A breif list of their research topics is given.  All data is take from the individual page, please contact me if any data is incorrect.  Many of these pages have links to other robot groups and resources.

(Listed in alphabetical order)
Schools Research Topics
Brown University Has been dead for a few years, recently being ressurected but no content as of 6/12/06.
California Institute of Technology  Automated High Throughput Screening
Pulsatile Jet Propulsion for Underwater Robots
Multi-Robot Cooperation
Sensor-Based Motion Planning and Sensor Processing
Locomotion Rehabilitation
Neural Prosthetics and Brain-Machine Interfaces
Carnegie Mellon University Psychophysics of Haptic Interaction
Teleoperation with a Twelve-DOF Coarse-Fine Manipulator
Magnetic Levitation Haptic Consortium
An Architecture for Agile Assembly
Free-Roaming Planar Motors
Robots in Scansorial Environments (RiSE)
Dynamically-Stable Mobile Robots in Human Environments
An Actuator with Mechanically Adjustable Series Compliance
Columbia University  Computational Tools for Modeling, Visualizing and Analyzing Historic and Archaeological Sites (NSF ITR Project)
Building Geometic and Photometric Correct 3-D Models
AVENUE: Autonomous Vehicle for Exploration and Navigation in Urban Environments
GRASPIT! A Versatile 3-D Grasping and Simulation Tool
Protein Streak Seeding
Protein Crystal Mounting
In-Vivo Surgical Imaging System
Visual Servoing: A Partitioned Visual Feedback System
Integration of Vision, Force and Tactile Sensing for Grasping
 Gorgia Tech. Mobile Robotics Mission-specification INterface for Objective Selection (MINOS)
Visual SLAM (SAIC)
NAVAIR Intelligent Autonomy
Mobile Autonomous Robot Software 2020 (DARPA MARS-2020)
Mobile Autonomous Robot Software (DARPA MARS)
Segway RMP (related to DARPA MARS and MARS-2020)
Future Combat Systems Communications Systems Integration and Demonstration (DARPA FCS-C SI&D)
Unmanned Ground Combat Vehicle (DARPA/SAIC)
Tactical Mobile Robotics (DARPA TMR)
Dynamic, Reactive LOS Communication Pathways Derived from Multiagent Robotic Assets (C.S. Draper Lab)
Compact Map Building - 3D Models from Laser Data
Behavior-Based Architecture for a Mobile Robot (HONDA R&D)
Multiagent Robotic Systems
Reactive Control for Multiagent Systems in Hostile Environments (DARPA RTPC)
Ecological Robotics: A Schema-theoretic Approach (NSF)
Low-Level Nuclear Waste Inspection (Savannah River)
Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (NSF and Army)
Mobile Manipulation (NSF)
Integration with High-Level Reasoning
Learning and Adaptation in Autonomous Robotic Systems
AAAI-94 Robot Competition (we won!)
AAAI-97 Robot Competition (we won again!)
Harvard University  Analog Computation
Choreography of Dynamical Systems
Control of Quantum Systems
Pattern Generation
Robotic Manipulation
System Identification
Systems with Limited Communication
Johns Hopkins University  Robot and Protein Kinematics Lab
Manchester University  Mobile Robotics
Humanoid Robotics
Biologically Inspired Robotics
Urban Search and Rescue Robotics
Medical Robotics
Massachusetts Institute of Technology: 
     The Artificial Intelligence Laboratory  
     Bio-Mechanical Control Group 
Too many projects to list here.
 Oxford University  Robot Sensor Systems 
Medical Image Analysis 
Visual Geometry 
Visual Dynamics 
Active Vision 
Stanford  Research Groups: 
     Geometric Computation 
     Stanford Vision Laboratory 
     The Robotic Manipulation Group 
     Jean-Claude Latombe's Research Groups 
University of California at Berkley  Medical Robotics
Adaptation and Learning in Biological and Artificial Systems
Air Traffic Management Systems
ARO MURI Center - An Integrated Approach to Intelligent Systems
Berkeley Aerobots
Control of Hybrid Systems
Micromechanical Flying Insect
Motion Planning With Nonholonomic Velocity Constraints
Partners for Advanced Transit and Highways (PATH)
Software Enabled Control Project
Tele-Taction System
UCB Computer Vision Group
Virtual Environments for Surgical Training and Augmentation (VESTA)
The Alpha Lab
University of Massachusetts Quadruped
Distributed Robotics
University of Rochester Anthropomorphic Roboic Systems 
Human-Machine Interactions
University of Soulthern California Interaction Lab Projects
RESL Projects
Mobile Autonomous Robot Software (MARS-2020)
Active Sensor Networks with Applications in Marine Microorganism Montinoring (ITR)
Adaptive Spatio-Temporal Organization in Multi-Robot Systems (RIM)
Scalable Coordination of Wireless Robots (SCOWR)
Software for Distributed Robotics (SDR)
Mobile Autonoumous Robot Software (MARS)
Multi-Robot Task-Allocation through Vacancy Chains
University of Washington Robotics, Control, and Mechatronics
Researching Pulse Width Control Jointly with Bucknell (2005-2007)
 University of Wisconsin-Madison  Active Stereo Reconstruction
Visually Modulated Motion