Robot Manufacturers

This page provides links to most robot manufacturers. Please email us your comments or suggestions. Thanks.


ActivMedia Robotics (now MobileRobots): Affordable Pioneer Robots.

Adept: Everyone knows Adept.

 American Robot Corporation: Industrial gantry and articulated robots.

 Angelus Research: Everything from military to laboratory robots.

 Arrick Robotics: Trilobot Mobile Robots, plus accessories.

 Cybermotion: Mobile security robots.

FANUC Robotics: A full range of articulated robots.

 K-Team SA: Manufactures small mobile robots.

 Mekatronix: Classroom robots and kits.

 Motoman: A versatile line of articulated robots. Integrator of Robots for Industrial Automation.


  Rixan Associates, Inc.: Small articulated Robots.

 Seiko: Cartesian and SCARA robots.

  Ventax Robot Inc.: Robots used to automate the plastic manufacturing industry.