CSCI1380 (Introduction to Computer Science I in C++) Courseware -- Xiannong Meng

This is CSCI1380, Introduction to Computer Science I in C++, on-line courseware. The web pages are under experiment. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send mail to me.
  • Syllabus and schedule
  • Syllabus
  • Schedule
  • Textbook'sweb site
  • PowerPoint presentation
  • Examples from the textbook
  • Sample exam Warning: this sample exam is merely providing a format of the exam so the students will know what types of questions will be expected on the exam, not what questions will be on the exam. The exact content of the exam will certainly change.
  • On-line homeworks
    O One O Two O Three O Four
  • Source C++ code examples from Dale's textbook.
  • Source C++ code examples from Shiflet's textbook.
  • Other resources for C, C++, and Visual C++
  • A style guideline C++ programming
  • Another style guideline for general programming
  • Visual C++ 5 Unleashed -- a description about a book on Visual C++ 5
  • Microsoft's Visual C++ Home Page