CSCI2320 (Computer Programming in a Second Language (Java)) Courseware -- Xiannong Meng

This is CSCI2320, Computer Programming in a Second Language (Java), on-line courseware. The web pages are under experiment. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send mail to me.
  • Syllabus and schedule
  • Course notes
  • Textbook related on-line resources:
  • Web site for our text book "Introduction to Programming Using Java" by David Arnow and Gerald Weiss which includes, among other things, source code used in the book.
  • On-line assignments: o Hw 1 o Hw 2 o Hw 3 o Hw 4 o Hw 5 o Hw 6 o Hw 7
  • Class files that are used in laboratory exercises: o
  • Examples used in lectures. (I have written a version of the and that works for Java 1.0 i.e. VJ++ 1.1)
  • Some Java networking program examples.
  • Code examples of Java data structure.
  • Others Java related resources (Note: many of these pages contain overwhelming amount of information that are beyond CSCI2320 scope)
  • Table of Contents of Alternatives to Deprecated Methods and Classes in Java
  • Java Document from JavaSoft.
  • JavaWorld --- A magazine for the Java community
  • Harissa is a Java environment that includes a compiler from Java bytecode to C and a Java interpreter.
  • JavaSoft home page --- A Java Web page maintained Sun Microsystems
  • Download a copy of your own JDK at JavaSoft JDK site.
  • Microsoft site for J++