Electronic Submission of Projects

For each of the projects, you should submit the following.
  • A README file briefly describing your solution to the problem. The file should be in plain text so I can read without Word or StarOffice software.
  • A TESTCASE file listing the test cases you have used and the results generated, and explain what they mean.
  • All source code and user-created header files.
  • A makefile that governs the compilation of the project.
  • The full path to where your programs are located. If needed, the instructor can go into your directory to test out the programs.
  • Each file should contain your name, the class section, the assignment number, the date and instructor's name. For each project, you should create a separate directory where all files related to this project are stored. When you are ready to submit, create a tape archive file for the directory and mail the file to meng@panam.edu. Make sure put your full name and the course number (CSCI 4334) on the subject line. Here is an example. Suppose I have files hw1.h, hw1.cc, functions.cc, README, and TESTCASE in a directory called hw-one which is under the directory /home/faculty/meng. Do the following to mail the project to the instructor.
    % cd /home/faculty/meng
    % tar -cvf hw-one.tar hw-one
    % pine meng@panam.edu -attach hw-one.tar
    After you invoked the pine which is one of many email agent program, make sure to put your full name and course number on the subject line. For example :
     Xiannong Meng's project one, CSCI 4334
    When the instructor receives your email, he will acknowledge the fact by replying to your message. If you don't receive the acknowledgment within a day, you are responsible for contacting the instructor and clarifying the situation.