CSCI6175 (Graduate Seminar
Current Topics in Database and Operating Systems -- Teradata Database)
Xiannong Meng

This is a resoruce page for CSCI6175, Current Topics in Database and Operating Systems -- Teradata Database. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send mail to me. Thank you very much.

  • Schedule and syllabus
  • Students are required to write and present a paper to the class.
  • The course notes: the course notes are based on NCR education materials that can be found at NCR Teradata Warehouse Solutions following the Teradata Database link, then to Introduction to Teradata
  • Some Teradata and NCR related pages
  • Teradata Review -- A publication about datawarehouse and Teradata database Field Report: Queryman -- a quick introduction to Queryman
  • NCR Corporation -- which makes the Teradata database and provides datawarehouse solutions
  • Some collection of papers about Teradata RDBMS
  • This news article actually reveals that NCR is once called Networked Computing Resource of AT\&T ...
  • Some of the users of NCR's Teradata database ... (sources not verified)
  • Wal-Mart
  • JCPenny
  • American Airlines
  • Continental Airline
  • Delta Airline
  • AT&T
  • SBC Communications