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CSCI 6356 Fall 2000
Xiannong Meng Programming Assignment Two
Assigned: Thursday September 21, 2000 Due: Thursday October 12, 2000

Web search has been becoming a very hot subject of discussion. Efficient, fast search is a key for a search engine to succeed. One important component of a search engine is the search of a keyword through a piece of text. In this project, you are to implement some parallel program to search and retrieve text in parallel.

Assume your program receives a piece of text (such as the one passed back by a crawler). Your task consists of two parts. Part one is to parse the received text such that all words are extracted from text. Part two is to search for the text to see if a particular keyword given by the user is in the text.

Here are some details for part one of the program.

Some details about the second part of the program. (You may write this as a separate program, or as another function in the program).

Hand in: Please email me by the due date the location of your program in our lab computers. I'll go there and check it on-line. For those who work outside our lab, please ftp your program to the lab so that I can check them on-line.

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Xiannong Meng
Thu Sep 21 12:44:22 CDT 2000