CSCI 335: Web Information Retrieval

Fall 2006--Xiannong Meng

This is CSCI335: Fall 2006 Web Information Retrieval, on-line courseware. The web pages are constantly evolving. Please re-visit us often. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send mail to me. Thank you very much.


Textbook and Other Rerences

Other reference books include

Lecture Notes

Programming Project Assignments

Some Code Examples

Important research papers

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Academic Responsibility

Students are expected to read and abide by the principles clearly explained in the Student Handbook. Under no circumstance, should any student submit work that is not of his or her authorship. If a deadline is tight, or impossible, before getting desperate, talk to your instructor. It is better to be late than dishonest. Remember that your instructor's main goal is to give you nothing but the best opportunities to learn.
The Computer Science department also has an Academic Responsibility policy posted on the department website under student information. Please read this policy carefully.
Your instructor will make every effort to explain in detail the collaboration policy for each specific assignment. Before you start your work, make sure to read and understand this policy. Should any questions arise, contact your instructor immediately to have them clarified.

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