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This is a list of web sites concerning the teaching of information retrieval that we collected from the web. Wei gathered information for the sites in China while Xiannong collected information outside of China. If you have any comments or suggestions, please send mail to Xiannong. Thank you very much.

Last updated: December 2011.
Sorted by instructor's last name.

Web inforamtion retrieval course websites outside of China (jump to the list of sites inside China)

  1. Professor Eugene Agichtein. CS572: Information Retrieval and Web Search at Emory (spring 2010)

  2. Professor James Allan CMPSCI 646: Information Retrieval at UMass (fall 2010)

  3. Professor William Y. Arms. CS 430/ INFO 430: Information Retrieval at Cornell (fall 2007)

  4. Professor Lora Aroyo. 2ID10: Information Retrieval at Eindhoven University of Technology (spring 2006)

  5. Professor Peter Brusilovsky. INFSCI 2140 - Information Storage and Retrieval at Pittsburg (fall 2005)

  6. Professors Jamie Callan and Yiming Yang. 11-741: Information Retrieval at CMU (spring 2011)
    Professors Jamie Callan and Yiming Yang. 11-741: Information Retrieval at CMU (date unknown)

  7. Dr. Zhixiang Chen. Information Retrieval course at U.Texas - Pan American

  8. Professor Ernest Davis. G22.2580: Web Search Engines at New York University (fall 2007)

  9. Professor Brian Davison. CSE345/445: WWW Search Engines Algorithms, Architectures and Implementations at Lehigh University (Spring 2009)

  10. Professor C. Lee Giles. IST 441: Information Retrieval and Search Engines at Penn State (spring 2012)

  11. Dr. David Grossman. CS 529: Information Retrieval at IIT (fall 2001)

  12. Professor Marti Hearst. SIMS 141: Search Engines: Technology, Society, and Business at Berkeley (fall 2005)

  13. Professor Andrea LaPaugh. COS 435: Information Retrieval, Discovery, and Delivery at Princeton (spring 2006)

  14. Professor Ray R. Larson. SIMS 240: Principles of Information Retrieval at Berkeley (spring 2006)

  15. Professor Mark Levene. Search Engines and Web Navigation at Birkbeck University of London (fall 2011)

  16. Professor Frank McCown. COMP 475: Search Engine Development at Harding (spring 2009)

  17. Professor Rada Mihalcea. CSCE 5200 Information Retrieval and Web Search at University of North Texas (spring 2011)

  18. Professors Christopher Manning and Prabhakar Raghavan. Stanford CS276-A-B/LING 239-I-J: Part I (autumn 2004) and Part II (winter 2005)

  19. Professor Paul McNamee. 605.744: Information Retrieval at Johns Hopkins (spring 2011)

  20. Dr. Bamshad Mobasher. DS 575/ IS 575: Intelligent Information Retrieval at DePaul University (winter 2006)

  21. Dr. Raymond Mooney. CS 371R: Information Retrieval and Web Search at UT Austin (fall 2011)

  22. Professors Pandu Nayak and Prabhakar Raghavan CS 276 / LING 286: Information Retrieval and Web Search at Stanford (spring 2011)

  23. Professors Richard O'Keefe and Andrew Trotman COSC463: Information Retrieval at Otago (date unknown, about 2011)

  24. Professor Christian Schindelhauer. Search Algorithms at University Paderborn (winter 2005)

  25. Professor Hinrich Schutze. Information Retrieval and Text Mining at University of Stuttgart (winter 2004)

  26. Professor Hinrich Schutze. Introduction to Information Retrieval at Stuttgart (summer 2009)

  27. Professor Luo Si. CS 490 WIR: Web Information Retrieval and Management at Purdue (fall 2011)

  28. Professor Tomek Strzalkowski. CSI 550: Information Retrieval at University of Albany (fall 2011)

  29. Professor Nigel Ward. CS 5319/4390: Search Engine Technologies at UTEP (spring 2009)

  30. Dr. Ing. Gerhard Weikum. Information Retrieval and Data Mining at MPI (WS 2007/08)

  31. Dr. George V. Wilson. LING 467: Information Retrieval at Georgetown (spring 2008)

  32. Dr. David Yarowsky. 600.466: Information Retrieval and Web Agents at Johns Hopkins University (spring 2011)

Web information retrieval course websites inside China (jump to the list of sites outside China)

  1. Professor Xiaoyong DU Intelligent Information Retriaval at Renmin University (spring 2010, site in mixed English and Chinese, lecture notes in Chinese)

  2. Professors Ruixuan LI and Zhengding LU. Modern Information Retrieval at College of Computer Science and Technology, Huazhong University of Science and Technology (date unknown, site in English)

  3. Professor Wu-Jun LI. Web Search and Mining at Shanghai Jiao Tong University (fall 2011, site in English)

  4. Professor Jian-Yun NIE. Web Based Information Architectures at Peking University (spring 2011, site in English)

  5. Professor WAN Xiaojun. Web Data Mining at Peking University (fall 2011, site in Chinese)

  6. Professor WANG Bin. Modern Information Retrieval at Institute of Computing Technology of Chinese Academy of Sciences (fall 2011, site in Chinese)

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