Research Information of Xiannong Meng

Table Of Contents
  • Intelligent Web Search
  • Performance evaluation
  • Distributed simulations
  • High perfornamce network
  • Operating systems
  • Distributed computing systems
  • Cluster computing
  • Queueing theory
  • Computational science
  • Some resource pages from the Web
  • Current research project

    Intelligent Web search -- with Dr. Zhixiang Chen check at his web site
    Links to some of our projects.
    A debugging tool for programming in TCP/IP based network. Select here for more details.
    Networking and data distribution issues in the PARSeD project. Select here for more details.
    Distributed simulations in COWS (Cluster Of WorkStations) environment. Select here for more details.

    General research interests

    Performance evaluation
  • The Standard Performance Evaluation Corporation (SPEC)
  • Benchmark related sites quoted by Prof. David Finkel of WPI.
  • Distributed simulation --- Distributed simulation comes in a lot of different flavors. I am particularly interested in optimal distributed simulations in a cluster of workstations. For some of my research papers in this area, please select here . For more general information, follow this link.
    High speed network protocols This is a fast-developing area. Many high speed networks based on ATM technology have been deployed. Researchers have been looking into the issue of Gigabit networking. This link provided by IEEE is a nice starting point. Another important trend in this area is the pursuing of Fast Ethernet. I found these links useful. For a general Ethernet page, select this link.
    Operating systems
  • recent article about new OS in ComputerWorld
  • MIT Oxygen project
  • The GLOBE project at Vrije Unviersity
  • The WebOS project at Duke, UT Austin, and U Washington
  • The Endeavour project at Berkeley
  • The Farsite project at Microsoft
  • The Odyssey project at CMU
  • Multiple-Readers/Writers animation by Thomas W. Christopher
  • The BeOS from Be, Inc.
  • The Linux site
  • The Scount operating system is a communicaiton-oriented operating system targeted at network appliances (e.g. network-attached devices, set-top boxes, hand-held devices, and so on). It was developed at the CS department of the University of Arizona.
  • The Inferno operating system is a new network operating system and programming environment to deliver content in a rich environment of heterogenous networks, clients, and servers. It was developed at the Lucent Technologys.
  • The Flux Operating System Project at University of Utah.
  • The EROS (Extremely Reliable Operating System) at Penn.
  • The L4 project -- a microkernel running on i386, i486, and Pentium processors.
  • The QNX home page --- QNX is a realtime operating system for PCs. Choose or for a nice collection of information about QNX.
  • The design of PARAS microkernel --- an on-line book written by Dr. Rajkumar Buyya of Monash University, Australia
  • A great paper about memory management and garbage collection by Paul Wilson and others from UTexas.
  • Distributed computing systems
    Cluster computing
  • IEEE's Task Force on Cluster Computing and some publications
  • Cluster management software review
  • The Beowulf site
  • IEEE TFCC Tehnical Area -- Education
  • Cluster Computing White Paper
  • International Workshop on Global and Cluster Computing 2000 abstracts
  • InfiniBand web site
  • The Anonymous Remote Computing project at IIT, Madras, a site
  • The 4th International Workshop on Cluster Computing - Technologies, Environments, and Applications
  • data warehouse reporting card
  • Computer power grid related project
  • The Compute Power Market (CPM) project
  • Globus
  • Legion
  • Netsolve
  • Apples
  • Condor
  • EveryWare
  • Ninf
  • Java and high performance computing
  • tutorial
  • PARMON: A portable and scalable monitoring system for clusters
  • JMPF: A message passing framework for cluster computing in Java
  • EuroTools Java Special Interest Group
  • Top 500 cluster related topics
  • Top 500 supercomputing sites
  • The Beowulf Project
  • TFCC Europian Home Page
  • BenchWeb
  • Benchmark Resources
  • IOZone file system benchmark
  • WebStone
  • HINT
  • HICSS98 paper
  • Little Blue Penguin Benchmarks
  • EuroBen
  • Cluster benchmarks
  • cluster benchmark
  • cactus
  • Linux and cluster computing
  • The Anonymous Remote Computing Project at IIT
  • Linux Clustering Software
  • High-Availability Linux Project
  • ParaStation project
  • Cluster computing related conferences:
  • The Fifth Joint DOE/NASA PC Clustered Computing Conference
  • The Fourth Joint DOE/NASA PC Clustered Computing Conference
  • IWCC'99 online proceedings
  • IWCC'99 Plenary tak and key speeches
  • Cluster computing related on-line papers:
  • Cluster Computing R\&D in Australia by M. Baker, R. Buyya, K. Hawick, H. James, and H. Jin
  • Queueing theory --- Queueing theory finds many applications in computer science.
  • So far, I have found this excellent link to general queueing theory. I am searching more information about computer science applications of queueing theory.
  • Tom Slater at has developed a site for queueing theory tutorial at
  • Computational science --- I started to get into computational science because I find it fascinating. It contains elments of distributed computing and mathematics, and I love both. Here is a list of good resources on the subject.
  • This is a link from Albuquerque Resource Center to some of the resources in computational science.
  • The EPCC (Edinburg Parallel Computing Centre) Training and Education Centre has an excellent web page for resources regarding MPI and HPF. Follow this link.
  • MPI is an important library for distributed computing. I have a collection of MPI related information.
  • MPI-BIP: MPI via Myrinet, based on MPICH, for Linux
  • ScaMPI: MPI via SCI, *not* based on MPICH, for Linux & Solaris
  • MP-MPICH: MPI via SCI, shared memory and socket for Linux, Solaris and Windows
  • This is a link to the Center for Computational Science at ORNL.
  • Ames Lab has an award program for undergraduate computational science and engineering. They have a web site that describes a number of award-winning UCSE projects.
  • N-body problem is a classci computational problem. Mario Antonioletti of EPCC has a nice collection of N-body problem related information.
  • This is the lecture notes of Jim Demmel at UC Berkeley on "Applications of Parallel Computers".
  • A very nice collection of information about N-body problem can be followed from here.
  • Mersenne prime number page at the University of Tennesse at Martin. A Mersenne prime is a prime number of the form 2p - 1 where p itself is a prime number. So far (Jan. 15, 1998), 36 Mersenne prime numbers have been identified, where the first 35 have been proved to be consecutive.
  • Object Oriented Software Control Strategies --- Recently I joined the research project headed by Dr. Nelson in object oriented software control strategies. Some of the links are listed.
    Resources from the Web

    This is a list of my publications.
    This is a list of my presentations.
    Related professional conferences and publications.
    Some interesting information about the Web.
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