Weather Module

HydroSense: Weather Module

The Weather Module extends the functionality of a HydroSense Datalogger as a SDI-12 weather sensing device.  The Weather Module reads and aggregates various weather parameters, then makes them available to any device via the SDI-12 bus.  The Weather Module is designed to work natively with Davis Standard weather sensors and custom sensors using the exposed headers.  Features include:

  • 16-Bit ADC
  • Rugged circuit construction
  • Sensing of:
    • NTC temperature (soil or air)
    • Analog solar radiation
    • I2C Humidity
    • Tipping bucket rainfall
    • Analog barometric pressure
    • Wind speed and direction


The Weather Module is currently the most mature design after undergoing complete testing and design revision.  We’re excited to say that the small batch of Revision 2 Weather Modules were sent off for contract manufacturing from our friends at Bittele Electronics Inc.  The process has yielded great insights into professional PCB manufacturing as we plan to scale the system up and the professional boards will allow for advanced firmware development to take place in the winter of 2016.

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