Medical jargon and terminology is a vast and confusing language.  Currently the newest tool for learning these terms is digital flashcards.  However these aren’t fun or interactive and are not the best learning tool. Gamifying learning is the newest craze, with fast and lasting results.  What better way to assist those that aspire to keep your heart beating than by the best way to learn?  The task at hand is to make a gamified learning mobile app on medical terminology.


Executive Summary

There are three main aspects to this project:  Content, Games, and People.  For this app to be successful, the app must have a knowledge base of all the medical terminology.  Then we can figure out some game bases that have been proven successful in other languages, and implement them.  After a user takes a game, there will be a fun way to display feedback to the user.  To do this right, every user needs to have a profile that keeps track of what they know, and what they don’t know- This can be displayed as experience points, as well as an actual legible checklist of terminology.  This way the games can be customized to the user to help them learn what they don’t know, rather than what they do know.  The app could also have competitions and user versus user games as well for those who have a healthy competitive .  


Viability Analysis

The biggest difficulty in this project will be the content.  Either consultation of a knowledgeable medical professional, or a database of all the medical terminology and use cases will be crucial to complete this project. Another big step will be finding the best games to implement for the app.  This step might require a decent amount of research, and should be well thought out.  Once we find what works best, implementation should be relatively straightforward.  


Risks and Rewards

One risk would be the cost of developing on IOS.  The reward would be the first and best medical terminology gaming app on the market!  Not only will this impact current aspiring students, but could inspire a whole new wave of young health care physicians.  



This would be a helpful study tool for doctors-to-be, and a great way to get more people interested in the medical profession.  The major difficulty would be the content.  We would also design a stock of plug-and-play games to learn the terminology.  It is worth investing resources in this project  to better prepare new health care professionals , and to help them do the best job they can.  This application has huge potential to be very successful and leave a lasting impact.

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