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Dan's Impressions of Jackson Reunion 2004
Riverview Cemetery, Parkersburg, West Virginia
Saturday Afternoon August 7, 2004

Dan Hyde, Nancy Jackson and Dr. Bernard L. Allen in Riverview Cemetery [Photo by Scott Hyde]

Dr. Bernard L. Allen discusses some of the people buried in Riverview Cemetery

Gravestone of Judge John Jay Jackson, Jr father of Lily Irene [Photo by Scott Hyde]

Jackson Family Marker designed by Lily Irene with her kneeling

Inscription under her hands "In the silence and to thee" [Photo by Scott Hyde]

Side shot of Jackson Family Marker [Photo by Scott Hyde]

Another shot of Jackson Family Marker

Gravestone for Lily Irene Jackson

Gravestone for James Monroe Jackson, Jr.

Gravestone for James Monroe Jackson

Jackson Family Marker

Dan Hyde taking picture of Jacob Beeson Jackson's monument
Mary Jane Hyde in tie-dyed shirt [Photo by Scott Hyde]

Inscription on Jacob Beeson Jackson's monument

John Jay Jackson's monument

John Jay Jackson's monument

Inscription on John Jay Jackson's monument

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